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Alexandra Primary School opened as a newly amalgamated school in September 2014. All staff and governors came together on the first day of the school year to discuss our ethos, our values, our vision and our moral purpose for the new school. The following was agreed and now we begin the work, guided by our School Development Plan, that will make our philosophy into a reality that changes and shapes young people’s minds and lives to enable them to achieve their full potential in life as well as being a good citizen who will make a positive difference and contribution to their family and society.

Ethos, Values, Vision and Moral purpose

Our Ethos

We aim for the school to be a happy, exciting and nurturing place to learn where children and adults feel safe and valued by all. All individuals should be respectful and supportive towards others within a fair and consistent environment that is welcoming and friendly. We aim for the school to be unified by its inclusive and positive approach. We promote confidence via a child centred approach to lifelong learning and aim for every child to achieve their best and to always aim high.

Our Values

Our values are embedded in being inclusive, celebrating everyone’s successes, respecting others and treating others as we would wish to be treated. We embrace teamwork and understand that we will be stronger if we work together with a common set of aims and values. We value honesty, trust, flexibility, consistency and good manners. Adults will support each other alongside the children and aim to communicate well and with integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision for the new school is for it to be friendly, safe, positive and nurturing for all. We wish the school to be well organised, successful, supportive and consistent, as well as welcoming and professional. We aim, for it to be a place where both children and adults thrive, perform well and feel challenged to achieve their highest goals.

Our Moral Purpose

We have an important role to fulfil and see it as a privilege to work with young people and help shape their futures. We will aim high in everything that we do. Our purpose is to educate the whole child within a purposeful, happy and stimulating environment that feels safe and where risks may be taken to stretch capability in all areas of a child’s development. We embrace diversity and respect differences, seeing them as a positive element of our community. We will aim to develop skills in our young learners that they can take forward in life to enhance the way they live and function within society. We will lead by example and understand that we are significant adults, carers and role models for our learners. We will build positive and meaningful relationships across our school community as we prepare our learners for the World they live in and the future that lies ahead of them. We view all children as individuals, acknowledging their life experiences, family culture, physical ability, gender, race, religion, interests and abilities. We help them to achieve their very best academically and support them in their development of social skills. We encourage the children to become independent learners for whom education is a positive experience that remains with them for life.

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