Food Bank Awareness Day

DSC01063School Councillors at Alexandra Primary School recently learned that almost one million people in the UK are using food banks. A food bank is a place which stocks food, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, that are then supplied free of charge to people and families in need.DSC01054

To raise awareness, School Councillors devised a day to help the students at Alexandra donate food to those who are most in need. On Friday 10th July children were allowed to dress up as their favourite food or in mufti to raise awareness of this important issue. Adding to this, children were also be able to get creative with their donated tins and were challenged to create an interesting construction!

A big congratulations went to Orca class who won the construction tin challenge. Alexandra donated over 1000 tins on Friday and it was a huge success – well done Alexandra.

What is a Food Bank?

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