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Year 5


– Across the whole school, home learning will continue to be sent home every Friday (now available on DB Primary) and must be completed and returned to your child’s class teacher on the following Wednesdays. We would like your child to continue to be independent and stress that their home learning must be completed by them, with guidance from you. Please refer to additional details in the homework folder.


– All children should be reading at home every day. If you have the opportunity, please take your child to the library to choose books to read around the topics mentioned in the attached Year 5 curriculum overview. Please refer to additional details in the homework folder.

We will  be available at the end of the school day to speak to parents so please feel free to approach us if there are any issues,  any ideas you may have relating to the topic that you would like your child to study or on anything else that you may be able to contribute to the topic. You can also send your child in with a note in their diary or we can be contacted via your child’s class homework email address.

Class homework email addresses

  • Blue Whale  – bluewhalehomework@alexandra.hounslow.sch.uk
  • Dolphin – dolphinhomework@alexandra.hounslow.sch.uk
  • Orca – orcahomework@alexandra.hounslow.sch.uk

Please also take time to see the on-line learning services available to your child.

Year 5 Team

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2015/16

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